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Storytime with Raggedy Auntie: Let's Play a Game!

We love games! Today we are reading about the Ingalls women braving a storm with a few fun games. We also get to meet someone new and see a wonderful game of Mountains and Bowls. I introduce you to a game that my sister made up, too, called Pocky Wocky! What games will you be playing this week?

(Click the image below to link to the video. This is how we will be sharing in the future! If you want to get it the minute that it's posted, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.)

Curious about ways you can get playing and learn new games like Mountains and Bowls and Pocky Wocky? Well, the Aunt Hill and I participated in a really cool project with Gretchen Gegg called "90 Days of PE." You can score your own copy of the ebook that includes links, coaching, and modifications so that everyone can play right here:

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