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Storytime with Raggedy Auntie: Meet Mr. Mc!

Oh boy... I've been waiting for this episode for a long time! Welcome, sweet friends, to our very first INTERVIEW EPISODE! This one features my very good friends, Early Years educator Dan McFarland, or Mr. Mc. He teaches in Leicester, UK (pronounced like "Lester") and is from Northern Ireland. Check out this week's episode for more about what he does and how he grew up - his stories align perfectly with the Little Bear books and stories, so Raggedy Bear remembers one of those during this episode.

Mr Mc and I first met as summer camp counselors at one of the greatest camps in the US. We became friends and have been talking about teaching, our experiences, and just having fun for over ten years! Even though we are far apart, we keep in touch online.

Speaking of... you can keep in touch with Mr. Mc online, too! Check out his exciting phonics and maths videos, his really cool (and Covid-safe) classroom, and if you're lucky you might spy a British celebrity or two!

And, since you hung on this long... here's a photo of us at summer camp in 2010! (Phone cameras back then weren't the greatest, but you get the picture... haha!)

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