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Storytime with Raggedy Auntie: Breaking News: Big Storms

Hello, my sweet friends!

Recently a hurricane hit Lake Charles, Louisiana and a derecho hit Iowa. The people who live in those places were very worried, and many of my sweet friends all over the world checked in and asked if there was anything they could do to help. I always try to encourage people to donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund - they help organize supplies, offer money for clothes, food, and shelter to folks who are displaced, and they can help mobilize cleanup efforts after a major storm. When I ended up in South Carolina after Katrina, they even found a way to provide me with a computer so that I could finish school!

This week we changed our plans to post a video about swimming and going to the pool so that we could cover this urgent worry and help our friends cope with the fear that goes along with it. Mama Ro and Fergie come to us "live" to talk about their experiences, and of course Auntie Purl, Auntie Potato, and I are here for you!

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