Meet Jessie McKeon

Holistic Educator

Jessie McKeon is a creative, innovative instructional designer. She focuses on finding ways to incorporate real life solutions in manageable steps. Whether it's at work, at home, or some combination, Jessie can help you discover balance and brilliance through mindfulness, hard work, and encouragement!



How Jessie Can Help

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@ Work

Jessie's experience in workforce development and staff training are coupled with her inclusive and humorous approach as she helps you and your staff meet any group learning goals.

@ Home

Too often we feel stuck in the ordinary, bustling from job to home. Jessie can provide that one-on-one coaching toward mindful enjoyment of the life you already have while scaffolding the climb toward the life you love.

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Teens & Adults

Jessie takes her coaching skills to the next level for groups of any size and demographic. Whether it's hands-on learning with a group of teens or as the keynote address at your next convention, she is ready to tailor her message for you!


Jessie has plenty of experience and expertise to lend K-12 teachers, homeschoolers, and religious educators. Let her help you build an engaging curriculum for all ages!

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What I Believe

Learning. Experiencing. Leading.

I believe in treating all learners with respect in celebration of our unique human diversity. Everyone deserves a chance to learn, to grow, and to make their own space in the world. No one is beyond learning, everyone can be a leader, and we must learn from differences, not fear them.

I believe in hands-on experiences and whole-person education – immersive learning leads to better retention and synthesis.

I believe in fairness in education and in my relationship with with my students.

I believe that I can be wrong and my students can be right, and I believe in respectful conversations about these differences.

I believe in assessing learning needs, setting clear goals, and accurately measuring outcomes of student-centered, constructivist learning. My students are responsible for their own learning with the guidance of myself and others.

I believe in the influence that our passions have on the work that we do, and I believe that learning should be a cooperative effort through those passions (and despite them).

I believe in taking breaks for mental health, clarification, and for laughter and rest. Whatever the reason, any learner should feel comfortable asking for a break for themselves or for the group.

Above all, I believe that one never stops learning, growing, and developing skills, philosophies, and leadership qualities.


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