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Why Jessie?

When it comes down to it, I understand that enriching your staff and volunteers through education and training is what keeps you relevant, wholesome, and engaging. Knowing your organization from the inside out helps you serve your customers and your community.

I love to draw on my experience in education, theatre, visual and collaborative storytelling, and dynamic staff engagement to create the education and training bundle that is just right for your organization.

No one group is alike, so why should your training be? Take a peek at the list below for some of my available modules, then let me know how we can customize your training for your staff and volunteers.

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Training & Workshop Modules

Sorted by length of training

Bully Bandana

1 hour

This unique session uses a wardrobe staple - the bandana - to teach ways to intervene and deal with bullying situations. (Bandanas can be supplied for $2 each when this session happens in person.)

Flag on the Play

1 hour

Especially for childcare and summer camp volunteers and employees, this role-play and scenario driven, interactive session deals with recognizing issues that may arise in this unique supervisory environment.

Handling Sticky Situations

1 hour

Help your staff and volunteers take C.O.N.T.R.O.L. of behavior and classroom management! Encourage great decision-making skills and reinforce their instincts as youth development professionals.

Homesick H.E.I.D.I.S.

1 hour

This innovative session is built for early-childhood educators (staff or volunteer) who may deal with first day jitters! It can be hard to be away from home, but we can be superheroes of kindness and comfort with the help of the H.E.I.D.I.S.!

This Ain't No Zoo!

1 hour

Volunteers and staff learn how to identify their own behavioral habits and feelings and how to deal with them. This comical session really packs a punch, encouraging and developing self-care and self-regulation.

LGBTQIA+ History

1-2 hours

I specialize in gender and sexuality education with Our Whole Lives (UUA). Let me walk your group through some basics of LGBTQIA+ history and the intersectional justice issues surrounding the LGBTQIA+ experience.


1-2 hours

Explore the culture and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community, ways to be a better ally, and simply find out about gender, sexuality, and the vast expanse of humankind.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

1-3 hours

A partner program to any LGBTQIA+ workshop, this gritty workshop explores ways to expand your organization to be more proactive in inclusion of LGBTQIA+ individuals. We will explore intersectional inclusion and the "-isms" that prevail in modern society.

Leadership Development

2 hours

Reach beyond basic teambuilding to really inspire your new and seasoned leaders. This unique offering is an intersection of vision and covenant work as a group and seeds personal development to carry your leaders forward into their roles.

Working with Diverse Youth

2 hours

It seems that "kids today" are nothing like kids "back when." But is that really the truth? Explore how current trends, social media, connectivity, and pop culture influence our youth and how we can work with (not against) these amazing young people.


2-5 hours

In-person or virtual, ground based initiatives and cooperative games are paired with open debriefing conversation to get a feel for the way the group interacts. Learn your group's dynamic and develop a stronger sense of community and collaboration!

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