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Storytime with Raggedy Auntie: Here we go a-traveling!

Hello, my sweet friends!

My goodness, my gracious!

Join me on this week's Storytime as I drive from the Book Nook in Virginia, USA to visit my amazing, sweet friends in Texas! That's a trip from the books stacked up on this map to the juice box in Texas. That is EIGHT states and just over 1,000 miles. The little yellow Book Mobile and I arrived safe and sound and we are not in the path of Hurricane Laura, although we did drive through that path. We are here to help, though, so let us know if you encountered that storm.

As an update, you may notice that today's email looks a little... different! That is because we have completely migrated into our online space on We have also taken your feedback and will be shortening our weekly themed videos and publishing a few more in-between videos for patrons.

So, without further ado, let's hit the road in this week's Storytime!

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